What people say about us and our range of services

We took up residence at Gan Eden four years ago and we consider it to be one of our best moves in sixty years of marriage.

One of the main factors living here is the security of the buildings as no one can enter unless the tenant wishes them to do so.

We find the friendliness, activities and social events are ideal for the elderly. The staff here and at Head Office all help to make life here pleasurable and safe.

To come in out of the cold and to find all the corridors clean and warm is a blessing in itself.

Knowing your loved ones are so well set up gives peace of mind to your relatives.

The facilities here e.g. the laundry, lounges and libraries are always available and this makes for a very settled environment.

The buildings here at Gan Eden are surrounded by beautiful gardens where the tenants can sit out when the weather permits.

Mr & Mrs Strul

I would like to thank everyone concerned, especially Ann, who was more than helpful, both before Hughie moved in and whilst Hughie lived at Gan Eden. Ann was always able to help with the various problems, of which unfortunately there were many.


You have made a very good choice with Julie (the Scheme Manager). We haven’t heard anyone say anything derogatory about her.

Joan & Brian

Excellent, caring help. Makes us feel so much at home.