About Us

Manchester Jewish Housing Association, is a Registered Provider (RP), provides housing in Greater Manchester and the North West of England. The MJHA has a track record of providing affordable housing solutions to the community dating back to 1959 when it was founded by the Manchester Jewish Board of Guardians. The association is committed to providing housing wherever strong needs are identified and work with a variety of partners to deliver outstanding services and accommodation to our tenants.

The Association provides various different modes of housing including sheltered housing, general needs housing for shared ownership and affordable rental properties.

The Association is registered with the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) and operates under charitable rules. The RSH is a statutory body set up to promote, partly fund and regulate RPs.

The MJHA’s Board of Management is made up of volunteers from a wide a range of backgrounds across the Manchester Jewish community, each member bringing their own experience and skill set to best serve our tenant base. The board serves in a voluntary capacity and receives no remuneration for its services and all board members are dedicated to striving for excellence and providing safe, warm, affordable housing to their communities.